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Going Solar in Texas these days is a wise decision – Click on an icon below to learn why.

Benefits of Solar

Increase YOUR Energy Independence
Whether for a business or a residence, solar can put YOU in control of how much of your own electricity to produce, and lock-in that rate for decades. Depending on factors such as available surface area, shading and of course budget, you can install enough panels to produce all or a portion of your energy.
Power that’s Abundant, Clean and Everlasting
While 80% of electricity in Texas is generated by burning fossil fuels, you can Own Your Energy using the free fuel provided by the sun – no emissions, just natural clean energy.
Lower Electric Bills Today
A solar array starts saving you money the moment it’s commissioned, reducing home energy bills and operating expenses for a business.
Protection Against Higher Bills in the Years Ahead
Lower bills today, and protection from higher electricity rates in the future. Perhaps the #1 reason our clients choose solar – to eliminate the impact of rising and volatile energy prices to future budgets – essentially a financial planning tool.
Backup Power in an Outage  
Adding a solar charged battery backup to your grid-tied solar system WILL keep the lights on, and other loads identified as critical, during a power outage. Battery backup enables peace of mind, but it also means additional components and costs. To discuss the pros and cons of battery backup vs a generator please contact us.
Increase the Resale Value of your Home
A solar energy system adds to the value of your property – and in Texas the added value is exempt from taxes. Appraisal journals estimate that every dollar of utility bill savings translates to a $10-$20 increase in property value.
Protect the Environment
Obviously the clean, renewable power generated from the sun helps the environment. It displaces energy generated from carbon-emitting sources, uses no water and is produced on site.
Long-lasting Warranty
Solar modules are built to last, almost every manufacturer backs their product with a 25-year power production warranty.

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The Viking Roofs Difference

Only 1% of roofing companies in the nation can call themselves a GAF Master Elite Contractor. Choosing a GAF Master Elite Contractor is your assurance that you’ll be dealing with a quality, reputable, and dependable professional contractor, not some fly-by-night roofer.

Master Elite Certified

Viking Roofs  is proud to have earned the designation of GAF Master Elite Contractors.

No Limit Warranty

Viking Roofs offers all our customers a No Limit Warranty on all Viking Roofs services.

Professional Team

Viking Roofs is proud to maintain the GAF Triple Excellence Award – an honor reserved for roofers who provide excellence on three fronts.

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Professional and Knowledgable

I had technician, Jason come to my home. He was very personable and knowledgeable. He was very helpful and there was no pressure when it came to services. I would definitely recommend this company to others in the future.


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